I had announced about a month ago that I was going to stop reviewing theater. I then decided that I was going to pursue something I had wanted to do for a while and get the education to become an epidemiologist. Meaning that I’m not going to have theater be my primary career field.

I’ll still write plays and occasionally write posts about theater, but I realized one day that I could not see myself spending the rest of my life working in theater.

I would like to thank the people that have been very supportive of me after I made this decision. While other people were questioning my sanity because biology and epidemiology are polar opposites of theater, my mom, sister and my friends in Chicago have been there for when I’m frustrated and they haven’t questioned my decision at all. (My mother also put it this way, “When you go to the CDC’s website often and are frustrated by the website being down, you might want to rethink your career.”)

At this moment, Fragments feels a bit in limbo. I still want to have an outlet to write thought pieces and interviews or articles on topics other than theater; that is something that still interests me, but I don’t want to do it full time. So the focus of Fragments will be more of a culture blog that focuses on music, movies, books, food, and theater. Those are all things that interest me greatly and I think I can easily write about now and then without feeling obligated to do so.

Because another problem was that I was feeling obligated to write posts for this blog and I don’t want to constantly talk about theater. It’s a very bad sign if you feel obligated to update your blog and that’s why the focus of Fragments is going to change.

I hope you continue to read this blog despite my decisions.

Thank you.

Self-Imposed Hiatus

I haven’t been posting as often as I normally do because I haven’t had anything to say. This week, I am actually stepping back and taking a break from blogging because no one wants me to turn into a hot box of crazy. Again. And I almost turned into a hot box of crazy today on the train ride home. This is a sign that I need a break.

I need time to write and drink plenty of tea.

So, you can expect to see another post on here next Monday.

Note: That should say “another post from me” because the play I’m supposed to review tonight (Tuesday) is going to be reviewed by the wonderful Bob of Confessions of a Chicago Theatre Addict and will be posted here.

Frohe Weihnachten!

Due to the occurrance of everyone’s favorite pagan holiday, posting will resume here after Christmas Day, when I’ll have my two cents on The Princess and the Frog and maybe some theater related posts.

Until then, Merry Christmas everyone!

This Is Where I’ll Be For Six Weeks

I leave for St. Louis on Sunday and will be staying there for six weeks. I don’t know if I’ll see any plays while I’m in St. Louis; I’d like to see some plays because I have been told that St. Louis has some superb storefront theater there in addition to the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and the MUNY. But I’m mostly going there to work and write. Blogging will be a bit sparse since I will have to go to the St. Louis Bread Company to use WiFi. Which isn’t bad, because I love St. Louis Bread Company (or, Panera Bread, as it is known outside of St. Louis).

Erm, Sorry

Sorry if that last post was a bit angry. The problem with pissing me off is that when you do so, I get really angry.

Anyway, expect posts to be a bit light for the next week because I’m in the process of packing up my things in order to move to Chicago in exactly one week. On top of that, the wireless connection in my house is not working, which means I can’t write any posts from my MacBook.

I’m posting this from a Panera Bread in Cedar Falls while consuming a latte.

So, there will be light posts, but if anything does cross my mind to write about, I will head off to Starbucks or Panera to post.

Some of My Friends Are Very Talented

A friend of mine, who will be reviewing “High School Musical” for me, is performing on NPR’s “From the Top” this week.

He sings and very well too. He’s also a good actor, but that’s not why he’s on the show. I raved about his performance in “Guys and Dolls.” (I’ll be honest, I once told him he was terrible in a play to his face. I’m very objective towards my friends.)

You can find out when it airs on your local NPR station on From the Top’s website.

This is Not Okay

Whoever has been posting comments posing as Rhys Talbot, stop. I confronted him about it and he gave me this adorable sheepish look on his face before saying, “I can’t find your blog.”

And Rhys is a good actor, but I’ve known him since the eighth grade and he’s not putting that on.

So stop it because that is unacceptable to be posing as another individual to defame them and attack me.

Two Quick Points

After a friend of mine remarked that I am “far to reasonable to be a liberal”, I started to figure out what my political stance is.

I am in some ways a social liberal, but not completely. Fiscally, I look at what works, but throwing money at a problem isn’t going to solve anything.

If I ever have children, I will send them to private school for primary school because I think public education is a failure. Mostly in elementary education. My mother, who is getting her B.A. in math education, has met too many elementary education majors that hate math. Scary.

I can give a very lengthy explanation to my views on public housing. But they’re very conservative.

I view myself as an independent.

Also, blogging will be sparse here. I might pop in here and there with some nostalgic posts, but blogging will be very light. I graduate in two weeks.

Check Out the Right Hand Side of Your Screen

I changed some things, added more links and removed some.

I am very sick at the moment, but I will pull myself out of bed to comment on Tony Nominees tomorrow.

But before I go to sleep, again, I will leave you with Jonathan Mann’s “Swine Flu: The Musical.”

(Why isn’t this guy bigger than a lot of other stuff on YouTube?)