This is Not Okay

Whoever has been posting comments posing as Rhys Talbot, stop. I confronted him about it and he gave me this adorable sheepish look on his face before saying, “I can’t find your blog.”

And Rhys is a good actor, but I’ve known him since the eighth grade and he’s not putting that on.

So stop it because that is unacceptable to be posing as another individual to defame them and attack me.

Two Quick Points

After a friend of mine remarked that I am “far to reasonable to be a liberal”, I started to figure out what my political stance is.

I am in some ways a social liberal, but not completely. Fiscally, I look at what works, but throwing money at a problem isn’t going to solve anything.

If I ever have children, I will send them to private school for primary school because I think public education is a failure. Mostly in elementary education. My mother, who is getting her B.A. in math education, has met too many elementary education majors that hate math. Scary.

I can give a very lengthy explanation to my views on public housing. But they’re very conservative.

I view myself as an independent.

Also, blogging will be sparse here. I might pop in here and there with some nostalgic posts, but blogging will be very light. I graduate in two weeks.

Check Out the Right Hand Side of Your Screen

I changed some things, added more links and removed some.

I am very sick at the moment, but I will pull myself out of bed to comment on Tony Nominees tomorrow.

But before I go to sleep, again, I will leave you with Jonathan Mann’s “Swine Flu: The Musical.”

(Why isn’t this guy bigger than a lot of other stuff on YouTube?)

Posting Will Be Delayed

I am presently writing this from the basement of my house on my Blackberry.

Here in Eastern Iowa we have had severe thunderstorms all day and therefore I didn’t turn on the computer. The lights were flickering and the storms stopped for about an hour (coincidentally, it was while my mum and I were watching “Who Killed the Electric Car?”).

We are presently in a tornado warning here in the county I live in. I can hear thunder, rain, intermittent hail. The lights have been flickering in the basement.

I should be okay. My sister is at a cast party and is not getting the information I am.

I should also add that I am very neurotic about storms.

Blogging Will be a Bit Light

I blame this on my senior year being heavy right now and having to send off college forms so I can get everything wrapped up with that.

I’m also researching politics and recovering from reading the Republican’s budget proposal.

So my blogging will be a bit light for the next month.