More Blogging from the Road

Because it was asked on my blog with my previous post, I will explain about being in Wisconsin when I was going to be in Rockford.

Alright, I was staying in Beloit, which is so close to the state line that I drove not even five minutes from where I was staying to see a sign that said WELCOME TO ILLINOIS ROD R. BLAGOJEVICH, GOVERNOR. At most, I’d have to say that it is thirty minutes from Rockford. Not that bad.

So, there’s this little place in Downtown Beloit called Bagels and More. Next door is this store that’s an all-natural/organic/locally grown store. I found Heinz Organic Ketchup. For some reason, this blew my mind.

When I was in Rockford about a month ago, I ate at the Chili’s on State Street and I came out of the restaurant to see this sign that had in huge letters the word DICKS.

I took a picture of said sign yesterday and I discovered that it is a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. But, I’ve been near the Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Cedar Rapids and I can say that it’s rather unfortunate that their stores all have signs that say in huge letters DICK’S.

Dear Hard Rock Cafe-New York: Your bottled water was like, $4. And it wasn’t even name brand. It seemed like someone ran across the street to Duane Reade and bought the store brand water there.

At Brio restaurant in Rockford, the water was $3.25. And it was imported from Sweeden, I believe.

Oh, Brio is a charming restaurant. And I finally had good creme brulee. It always manages to be too runny when I ordered it, and at Brio it was really just custard with fried sugar over it. Which is what creme brulee should be.

Greetings from Wisconsin!

I truly love the names of roads in rural Wisconsin. Example: Lumber Mill Road. I would have blogged about this while on the road, but I forgot to find out how to do mobile posting.

I happen to be a cheese lover/snob. I once ordered goat cheese for dessert at a restaurant. Good goat cheese. I then followed it up by eating some tiramisu at an italian restaurant near my hotel.

Well, I’m in Wisconsin right now, and Wisconsin is really the cheese capital. Love it, love it, love it. I was driving towards Shullsberg and I go “Yay, cheese!”.

Oh, and I had French cheese tonight. Amazing.

Anyway, more musings on Wisconsin and stores with giant signs that say DICKS tomorrow