Two Quick Points

After a friend of mine remarked that I am “far to reasonable to be a liberal”, I started to figure out what my political stance is.

I am in some ways a social liberal, but not completely. Fiscally, I look at what works, but throwing money at a problem isn’t going to solve anything.

If I ever have children, I will send them to private school for primary school because I think public education is a failure. Mostly in elementary education. My mother, who is getting her B.A. in math education, has met too many elementary education majors that hate math. Scary.

I can give a very lengthy explanation to my views on public housing. But they’re very conservative.

I view myself as an independent.

Also, blogging will be sparse here. I might pop in here and there with some nostalgic posts, but blogging will be very light. I graduate in two weeks.


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