My Father on: “Thriller” the Musical

After watching All About Eve last night, I talked with my father, who happens to be rather theater savvy, occasionally surpassing my knowledge and tastes. (His tastes also happen to not be as high-brow as mine.)

“Remember that insult that was thrown at the Nederlander Organization in the Times’ review of ‘Soul of Shaolin’?” I said.

“How could I forget it,” he said.

“Well, the Nederlander Organization has acquired the rights to do a stage version of ‘Thriller’.”

“‘Thriller’ as in Michael Jackson?” he said with a tone hoping that I was joking.


“Good God,” he said in disgust. “Is nothing sacred? Is American Theater about to be turned upside down?”

“Just Broadway,” I said pessimistically. “I’m hoping this means that there will be a new dawning for off-, off-off-Broadway and Regional theater.”

He agreed.

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