I Watched “Sucker Punch” and Decided to Write About it Here

Currently I’m busy with work and writing for Gapers Block, which means that I don’t have much time or ideas for long posts for here. Sometimes, I do need a great motivation to constantly blog, like The Great 90’s Animated Film Project, which means I’m turning again to writing about movies here.

So tonight I bring you a time-delay blog post on Zack Snyder’s film Sucker Punch. (I don’t think it’s possible to really live blog unless you use software like Cover it Live.) Why would I want to watch Sucker Punch? Because otherwise Beginners is the worst film I’ve seen this year and it wasn’t even that bad, it just needed some work and more Christopher Plummer. Rather than give a deep analysis of the film, like I did for The Great 90’s Animated Film Project and Can’t Stop the Music, I’ve decided to just do the closest thing I can to live blogging the film.

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