Todd Rosenthal Built the House

There were some awards presented at tonight’s Jeff Awards that felt like someone was robbed, such as Jennifer Lim not winning for her outstanding performance in Chinglish, which was one of the things I actually liked about Chinglish. But the most egregious snubs were given to THE GREATEST PRODUCTION OF OUR TIME (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at Steppenwolf) for not winning anything, particularly the following categories:

-Production of a Play—Large
-Actor in a Principal Role—Play (Tracy Letts)
-Scenic Design—Large (Todd Rosenthal)

Through this, the Jeff Awards continued to confirm the irrelevance of the award to Chicago theater by not recognizing the outstanding production or Tracy Letts’s magnificent performance as George. There are not enough words to do justice describing his performance, so I’ll just say that you must see the production when it opens on Broadway next year. This is a production that I still talk about with my mother because of how wonderful it was.

Now I need to watch this video to cheer up. (Language NSFW)