The Best of the 365 Project

For the past year, I’ve been doing a 365 project of pictures, which required me to take a picture everyday for a year. Or at least try to take a picture for everyday of the year, although I sometimes fell behind by a day, mostly during October where I spent almost the entire month sick. But I still managed to take 365 photos over the course of a year and some of these photographs were okay, while others amazed me that I was able to take those pictures—especially with the camera on my phone.

So from 365 photographs, here are what I considered to be the 24 best photographs. All of the photographs are linked to Flickr because I was having problems with directly uploading the pictures from iPhoto.

This is Paulina

Welcome to Taste of Greece

Cabrini-Green, 29/08/2010, Photo 23

Detail from Cook County Hospital

Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

Welcome to October

Doors Open on the Right

Milwaukee Skyline

Pretentious Coffee Table Book Photo


Wilson Yard


Cabrini-Green, 9 April 2011

Empty Shell

A Walk on the Milwaukee River

Limb on the Beach

Seagull's Day Out

Ice Cream

Parenthetical Girls


City Clerk Susan Mendoza Waves During Pride Parade

Summerfest From Above

Harold Washington Library Station

Milwaukee Public Library Lobby

If you’re curious, here are the locations of each of the pictures in order: Paulina Brown Line Stop, Halsted Street in Greektown, the last high rise of the Cabrini-Green projects, Cook County Hospital, The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, Uptown, CTA Headquarters, Downtown Milwaukee as seen from the street the Milwaukee Public Museum is located on, Waveland and Broadway in Chicago, UIC Campus, Sunnyside and Broadway in Chicago, a storage facility in suburban Milwuakee, the same building photographed in the third picture, UIC campus, Milwaukee Riverwalk, next to the Milwaukee Center; I think the beach is Bradford Beach in Milwaukee, Millennium Park, Milwaukee Public Market, Subterranean in Wicker Park, Chicago River photographed from the Roosevelt Road bridge, Pride Parade on Broadway, Henry Maier Festival Grounds, Harold Washington Library—State and Van Buren L Stop, and the rotunda of the Central Library in Milwaukee.


2 thoughts on “The Best of the 365 Project

  1. these are wonderful! You have a gift of seeing…

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