Do Critics Matter Today?

There’s recently been some discussion and complaining after John Simon remarked that bloggers are “the vermin of this society.” After attempting to write a post, I found that the best way I could discuss this was through a comic. As a result, I drew the following comic. Please remember: I don’t draw comics or cartoons, so this is a first for me.

I present, “Do Critics Matter Today?: A Cartoon”

Do Critics Matter Today? Page 1

"Do Critics Matter Today?" Page 2

(Click to enlarge)

2 thoughts on “Do Critics Matter Today?

  1. More to the point: does John Simon matter today?

    For me his best use is when people complain about Vampire Weekend’s dismissal of the Oxford Comma, to which I reply “Google John Simon.”

  2. No, John Simon really doesn’t matter today. (Which is why I remark that he’s among critics that are irrelevant today.) Nothing he does is shocking and now he’s just the contrarian critic. He loved Addams Family and Memphis and hated Our Town and Becky Shaw, in recent history.

    I do like that use, though.

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