Theater Passes for Summer Musicals in Iowa

The other (early) morning, I was talking/brainstorm with Zev Valancy via Google Chat. During this conversation, I remarked that it seems as though all of the theaters in Eastern Iowa have a musical that opens in July. Zev then suggested that the theaters cross-promote them as “Iowa Summer Sing” and have ticket passes called the SongBook.

As someone that has grown up in Iowa–although I proudly hail from the southwest–I can say that a lot of theaters do their annual musicals, if they do a musical, in the summertime. During this time, it is usually easier for families to go to the theater because of the lack of restrictions that school puts on them. Many theaters even do musicals that are a bit more family oriented, although some theaters don’t stick to this rule. (Theatre Cedar Rapids is doing Rent this summer.) Not all of the theaters have a musical that opens in July; Cedar Falls Community Theatre’s musical opens in June, which prevents it from competing with the Waterloo Community Playhouse’s annual musical. City Circle Acting Company’s production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown also will be opening in June.

But how would a pass work? Well, using the model of the Rogers Park Flex Pass, you buy a pass that is good for one admission to x amount of plays, like four. The pass could be $50, which would be less than buying the tickets separately. Then people just say, “I would like to get a ticket for Rent” and go and pick up their ticket at the Theatre Cedar Rapids box office.

My main thought is that this could either be all of the theaters that are members of the Iowa Association of Community Theatres or the Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance. But that could also boost business because if people have to pay less, that will get more butts in the seats.

But this idea has worked and doesn’t have to be done this year. It’s just out there for anyone to pursue.

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