Plug: “Still Life With Iris” at Theatre Cedar Rapids

Time to plug the play I’m currently involved with. Theatre Cedar Rapids’ upcoming production is Steven Dietz’s Still Life With Iris, which is the first family show to be performed in the newly remodeled Iowa Theatre Building. It still smells like a new theater and they’ve had two shows run in that theater.

Dietz’s play is very beautiful and intelligently written; it is not the typical family show that decides to dumb things down for the kids. This manages to cleverly be accessible for children while being an enjoyable show for adults. The play is about a girl named Iris who lives with her mother in the land of Nocturno, but is taken away to live on the Great Island with the Greater Goods. Iris’ loses her memory, save for a memory that she gets when holding a button from her coat. The play follows her journey to remember who she is, her family and to try to get home.

This production, which is directed by Theatre Cedar Rapids artistic director Leslie Charipar, also has a great cast and a terrific set designed by Bret Goethe. I am stage managing the production and it is the first time that I’ve stage managed in as large of a space as the Iowa Theatre Building’s auditorium.

Come see this show, especially if you haven’t been to the renovated building. To get tickets, call (319) 366-8591 or visit


2 thoughts on “Plug: “Still Life With Iris” at Theatre Cedar Rapids

  1. Good luck with opening night! And congrats on your SM roll!

  2. Monica Reida

    Thank you, Bob!

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