Good News, Everyone

That picture is of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) campus at Halsted and Harrison. My mom and I were walking around after my interview for the theater program and she noticed the building, I noticed the flags.

The photograph is related to this post because I will be attending UIC in the fall to study theatre arts with an emphasis in design and directing. I found this out last night because of the internet, but I had already been accepted to the theater program. This means that I’ll be moving back to Chicago in August to my own apartment because I did not enjoy living in on-campus housing at DePaul University.

I also quit my job in retail because I was so stressed out, my hair was breaking off and falling out. I have learned to never work in retail again, that Iowans are really stubborn and the sandwiches at Roots Market on Main in Cedar Falls are amazing.

Because of quitting my job, I also decided to stage manage a play, so be prepared for some plugs.

2 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone

  1. Working retail, and customer service in general, can absolutely give one a complex. I did it for a few years. Never again.

  2. Monica Reida

    I think I’ve learned some skills that I can apply to future jobs, but with everything that happened in January and February, it was way too early.

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