Questions I Have as “Addams Family” Opens On Broadway

Tonight, The Addams Family opens on Broadway. I had reviewed it when it was in Chicago for the out-of-town tryout and had huge issues with the play. Since there was going to be some tweaking done to the play and Jerry Zaks had been brought in to do something with the revision (I’m not exactly sure what he was going to do), I have some thoughts about what is happening with the play since I already know that “Clandango” is no longer in the play. (Thank goodness)

-Does Mr. Beineke still get molested by a squid?

-Does Morticia still have a midlife crisis that doesn’t seem to fit the play?

-Does Gomez still seem to blur the line between acting and Nathan Lane doing his shtick?

-Does Wednesday still seem like an angsty teen a character from the Broadway Abridged version of Spring Awakening.

-Does the plot still focus around the concept of love? Because that seemed odd for The Addams Family musical.


-Is the family still aware of their differences in relation to the rest of society?

-Will this show be “critic proof”?

Although I would have been interested to see the play during it’s Broadway run, I will not get that opportunity. So, for these questions to be answered, I’ll have to read the reviews tonight.

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