If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that President Obama is still a terrific public speaker.

It was a great speech and it was no wonder that congress seemed to be leaping to their feet every five minutes. They were more standing ovation crazy than Iowans, but with a good reason. The speech did manage to inspire in the midst of the difficult times. I was even optimistic as I watched and listened to it. And if a speech can make me optimistic it has to be good.

The remark about the Democrats not needing to run to the hills after losing Massachusetts did need to be said. I was disappointed by the results of that election, but the Democrats still have the majority. The speech felt like he was trying to say, “I’m trying as hard as I can, give me a break.” Although the mention of him working with Congress to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell did make me stand up and cheer. (Please deliver on this. Thanks.)

He did address student loans at one point in the speech and discussed a plan for student loan debts to be forgiven if a person decides to enter public service. Which makes me wonder this: Is becoming a theater critic public service? (I’m kidding.)

And I was watching the State of the Union address on MSNBC, which means that I got to hear Chris Matthews say, “I forgot he was black tonight for an hourlive. And, yes, it did make me want to bang my head into a wall.

(Also, Whet Moser of the Chicago Reader has other stupid things said after the State of the Union address.)

Any other thoughts?


2 thoughts on “OMG POTUS SOTU FTW!

  1. Chris Matthews’ statement was unbelievable. Does he even have any non-white friends? It’s not about “forgetting” someone is black or saying color “doesn’t matter” or you “don’t even see it.” Of course you do. And it should matter – it’s a part of who that person is. It’s about loving and accepting someone “because” of who they are, not “in spite” of who they are. I don’t want someone telling me “I forgot you were Jewish” or “it doesn’t matter to me that you’re Jewish.” Well, it matters to me! I’m just flabbergasted. Oy vey. Sorry for rambling. And I like the title of this post, btw.

  2. Chris Matthews’ comment was unbelievable, but for me it was because I thought/hoped that we had moved beyond looking at our president as a black man.

    But I understand your point; it would be like if someone said to me “For a moment, I forgot that you were a woman.”

    And, thank you.

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