Dear Young Adult Authors,

Yesterday, I finished reading Ash by Malinda Lo. Although the novel isn’t earthshatterlingly amazing, it is a well written novel with a strong lesbian protagonist. (The book has been described as a lesbian retelling of Cinderella.) It also took a good look at what true love is. In fact, this book is so well written, that Stephenie Meyer would cry because of how well written it is and realize how terrible of a writer she is. (And apologize to the world for writing Twilight. Now I’m just dreaming.)

I would even go so far to say that Ash is the best young adult novel I’ve read in a while. Interestingly enough, the last really good young adult novel I read also featured a gay protagonist. (That novel was Hero by Perry Moore)

But sadly it seems like a lot of young adult novels have shallow, underdeveloped protagonists, many of whom are female. And yet girls are the largest audience for young adult novels. They fall in love with someone for unfathomable reasons and the plot is utterly predictable.

The case only seems to be different for young adult fiction that has GLBT protagonists. And while I do like the existance of well-written novels with GLBT protagonists, I have this to say:

Would someone please write a young adult novel with a heterosexual female character that isn’t shallow and two-dimensional and sets feminism back fifty years?


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