Remember how I was participating in NaNoWriMo but also started writing a play? (If you don’t, I mentioned it in the previous post)

Presently, the play is much more interesting to work on than the novel. Partly because I gave the characters in my play more emotions and more depth. (Which is my fault.) Also, unlike my previous plays, not everyone in this play is a complete jerk that spends the entire play yelling at the other characters.

But I have no title for this play because I tend to worry about titles last. (I’m terrible with titles, if you haven’t noticed.) In fact, I don’t even come up with the character’s names immediately. When I start writing a play, the characters are A, B, C, D, etc. They will even refer to each other by their designated letters, which always makes me feel like I’ve been watching far too much Gossip Girl. Especially with this play because the character that was B is named Brenda and the character that was D is named David. But the dialogue and plot comes first, names come second.

Well, hopefully this effort on a play is successful. So far, I think it’s better than my previous plays.

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