NaNoWriMo Update #1: Hey, I Decided to Write A Play While I’m At It!

I’m presently at 6,000 words with my novel simply because I’ve been a bit busy recently. So, I’m a bit behind, but I’ve been trying to write whenever I have the time. Which sometimes means that I end up writing at, oh, 3 a.m..

But Saturday night, I was sitting in an Argo Tea with my MacBook, working on my novel while simultaneously reading Bilal Dardai’s live-tweeting from a performance of “The Man Who Was Thursday” when an idea hit me.

What if I decided to switch the narration from third-person omniscient to first-person point of view for the very final chapter?

This would be to simply show how destructive the relationship that the two characters were in for most of the novel was to them personally. (I’m presently a bit fascinated by what love, infatuation, lust and obsession does to people and to their relationships by others. Those themes are not only explored in my novel, but also in the play that I managed to start working on. Only, the stories told in both of them are very, very different and the ending for one is a bit downbeat while the other one is a bloody tragedy at the end.)

So far, I think that it is effective and manages to tie up the plot lines very well. I’m not sure if I will change the narration for the entire novel to first-person point of view for this secondary character. I’ll figure that out later and was in the process of debating that when I was kicked out of Argo Tea. (The staff decided to close early.)

In other news, I started writing a play too. At this moment, the play is coming along better than the novel. But I had a realization today that an actor can’t be hogtied on his back and have his facial expressions visible to the audience in most possible stagings. So, I’ll fix that in my stage directions. (Long story short: Obsessive ex-girlfriend of the protagonist kidnaps the protagonist’s best friend.)

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