Things That Should Not Exist: Musical Theater Edition

This post could also be entitled, “If any atheists are looking for good arguments as to why there is no supreme being, I have one.”

If you’re not familiar Dan Goggin’s musical “Nunsense,” then I’ll fill you in. The first “Nunsense” musical is about a group of nuns in Hoboken that put on a variety show to be able to raise money to bury their dead sisters. The audience for the musical, as in the audience in the theater, is also the audience for the variety show, and there are also some scenes involving an audience quiz and bingo.

Now, I hope you’ve noticed that I used the word first in that previous sentence when referring to “Nunsense.” That’s because there are multiple sequels to “Nunsense.” There is “Nunsense 2,” “Sister Amnesia’s Country Western Nunsense Jamboree,” “Nuncrackers,” “Meshuggah-Nuns,” “Nunsations: The Nunsense Vegas Revue.” There’s also “Nunsense A-Men,” which is apparently the original show, but the nuns are men in drag. If you would like summaries of the sequels, then I suggest looking at Wikipedia, since it will do a better job of explaining than I will.

Wednesday, reported that Dan Goggin is going to direct a new “Nunsense” musical at the Fireside Theatre in Minnesota. This will be entitled “Nunset Boulevard: The Nunsense Hollywood Bowl Show.”

I understand that Goggin might want audiences to enjoy in the success of the nuns, but “Nunset Boulevard” will be the sixth show. And just because a show is successful shouldn’t mean that you should make or keep making sequels.

I don’t think that the first musical is really good. The plot is horribly contrived and none of the numbers are memorable. But, evidently, people do think that it is good because the “Nunsense” musicals keep getting done.

But, really, Dan Goggin, could you stop after “Nunset Boulevard”? Please?


3 thoughts on “Things That Should Not Exist: Musical Theater Edition

  1. It’s called a sense of humor. You should get one– they’re NICE!

    I saw the original production back in 1986 at the Forum Theatre in Chicago. Bring raised Catholic, I thought “a show about a bunch nuns has GOT to be lame”. I was quite the adamant teenager and did not want to go. I was mistaken– my siblings and I laughed so hard our faces hurt.

    I finally got the opportunity to play Sister Mary Amnesia, which by far was the most challenging role in the show.

    I will agree– six sequels by Dan Goggin IS a bit excessive. But “Ya gotta eat!”

  2. The first show was funny 20 years ago when the jokes were still fresh. It does not hold up well over time. Nunsense 2 was a disaster, and I haven’t bothered with the others!

  3. Well, Michele, we all have different opinions on shows. I have seen the first one and I remember is joke about “Convent Miranda” when the gym teacher comes out with a fruit basket on her head. I don’t know why, but that has stayed with me.

    Hoakie, I am too young to have been around for the first productions of it. I don’t remember any time specific jokes in the show, so do you mean that the jokes are dated or they got old with subsequent productions?

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