Musical Sequels That Have Worked

In honor of “Love Never Dies,” the sequel to “Phantom of the Opera,” I thought I would ask a question on here.

Can anyone name sequels to musicals that have worked?

And if anyone says a sequel to “Nunsense,” I want you to back up your point.


8 thoughts on “Musical Sequels That Have Worked

  1. Unless you count “March of the Falsettos” and “Falsettoland” as sequels to “In Trousers”–and I count the three works as an interconnected trilogy, always intended to be continued–the answer would be none. Aside from “Bring Back Birdie,” “Annie 2,” and “Annie Warbucks,” all of which were colossal flops, I can’t think of any that have even been written.

  2. George M. Cohan wrote a successful sequel to “Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway” called “The Talk of New York” that did well… in 1907. Other than that nothing successful comes to mind.

  3. “March of the Falsettos” and “Falsettoland” were the only ones that I was coming up with, but I did not know about “Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway.”

    And, quite honestly, if one “Annie” sequel doesn’t work, why should they go ahead and make another one?

  4. Have you ever read Ken Mandelbaum’s “Not Since Carrie”? It’s a history of musical flops (written in 1991 and sadly never updated, so we miss material on the many bombs of the past 18 years) that is hilarious and invaluable to anyone who loves musicals. It has a whole section on attempted sequels to musicals, with coverage of the Annie sequels. Short version: they thought they’d fixed what was wrong…never mind that Annie is a show that needs no sequels. But I highly recommend Mandelbaum’s book to everyone.

  5. […] After Zev mentioned “Not Since Carrie” in a comment on my post about musical sequels that have worked, I went down to the library and checked out a copy of Ken Mandelbaum’s book, which I had […]

  6. Kathleen Krausse

    What about Funny Girl and Funny Lady?

  7. I know that’s a film, so I’m not sure if it counts. I was thinking of musical sequels that were for stage.

  8. Only broadway musicals, or any stage musicals…?

    You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown ans Snoopy!!! the Musical… although the later has possibly only ‘worked’ in youth productions…

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