Things I Have Learned After Living in Chicago For a Month

-The crowds of tourists on Michigan Avenue are really annoying.
-The Chicago Transit Authority is a valid reason to be late for class.
-The musicians at L stations can be pretty good.
-Although Argo Tea is a chain, their tea is really, really good.
-Tea at Starbucks tastes like crap.
-Having to walk from a bus stop or an L stop to your destination is a good way to become oriented with the city. Which comes in handy when people ask you for directions.
-People who go to college to party don’t give a damn about what the Olympics would do to affordable housing on the South Side.
-And those same people will view you as being unpatriotic for not wanting the Olympics to be in Chicago.
-LED ads on the sides of buses are really startling to the eyes at any time of day. Yet the LED sign at ABC 7 on State Street is not that hard on my eyes.
-Nothing is open in the Loop for post-theater dining. So, pre-theater dining is a very good idea.


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