A Quick Little Plug for The Theatre School at DePaul University’s “1001”

Over the course of the next four years, you will see some plugs for various productions at DePaul University because I am involved with them and would really appreciate it if you came and saw the shows that my classmates and I have put a lot of time into.

So, that being said, I would like to say that the first Theatre School Showcase production opens in less than a week and it is “1001” by Jason Grote. (He blogs.) The play intertwines the story of Scheherezade and some of her tales with the story of Alan and Dahna, a Jewish man and an Muslim woman in pre-9/11 New York City. How everything intertwines and weaves together is very well done.

I sat through a run of the show Saturday and I think that if you can see this show, you should come see it. The show left me with so many things to ponder after the run that I was thinking about it for the next several hours. The production, which is directed by Carlos Murillo, is definitely for mature audiences and I mostly say that because, in addition to the content, I think it might go over the heads of some people.

The show runs from October 2 through the 11 at the Merle Reskin Theatre at 60 E Balbo Dr. Tickets are $15 for the general audience, $6 for students and $10 for the previews, which are Wednesday and Thursday. All performances are at 7:30 p.m., except on Oct. 4 and 11, which have a curtain time at 2 p.m.. If you would like more information, I recommend visiting The Theatre School’s website.

On another note, I do have to have oodles of charm for the crew position I have with this production!


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