Two Theater Bloggers Walk Into a Coffee Shop

The other night, I met Zev Valancy, who writes the excellent blog On Chicago Theatre, for coffee/tea and a discussion about theater and various other topics.

Zev happens to know what he’s talking about in terms of Chicago theater than I do, so I highly recommend you read his blog. Actually, I just recommend you read his blog period because he has some very well founded opinions that he puts in a very thought out manner. So, go read his blog now.

I now really wish I had seen “Titus Andronicus” at the Court Theatre after listening to Zev talk about it.

So, I repeat. Zev is a nice, very intelligent guy who has a great blog. It might not be updated every day, but when he does have a new post, it is definitely worth reading.


2 thoughts on “Two Theater Bloggers Walk Into a Coffee Shop

  1. Court’s Titus? *shudder* Well, you missed a divisive show, that’s for sure. Very rare is the chance for me to rant about how much I disliked a production for a straight 45 minutes afterwards.

  2. “When he updates it” being the operative phrase. I promise I’ll write about your awesomeness soon.

    And Paul–no accounting for taste. I spent at least as long as you did ranting about how brilliant it was, and the friend with me was pretty meh on the whole thing. But it’s the only time that my saying “I thought I was going to be physically ill” was actually a huge compliment.

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