Why Outing GLBT Teenagers Isn’t A Good Idea

There are many things that I don’t pretend to have a good grasp on. One of those things is the behavior of teenagers. Why they are so manipulative, so cruel, so calculating, so malicious.

And by extension, I don’t pretend to understand why people out GLBT teenagers.

I can understand why people out hypocritical politicians that are in the closet; it’s a method to expose the truth.

But the difference between outing corrupt politicians and outing gay teens is that the politicians are adults. Unless they’re Sen. John Ensign, they don’t rely on their parents for financial help. They don’t have a house over their head that their parents or other relatives have provided.

The world is a dangerous place for GLBT individuals everywhere they are, but it is more dangerous for teenagers. They have to attend high school, where chances are very likely that they will be bullied and there is also a good chance that the administrators of that school won’t do anything because the student is gay or perceived to be gay.

If a gay teenager is in the closet, I don’t blame them. If someone who is gay and in college is in the closet, I don’t blame them. They are in the closet because they don’t think that now is the right time to come out. They might not live in a city that has the right environment. They might go to a high school that isn’t very accepting of homosexuals or bisexuals or transgendered individuals.

Some GLBT teenagers are very lucky to have supportive parents, but not all do. GLBT teens can face being kicked out of the house or having funds cut off from them. And can you imagine finding out that your child is gay or bi or transgendered from someone other than your child? I would imagine that it would feel very betraying because the parent would probably think that their child doesn’t trust them.

I believe that people coming out of the closet can be very good for them. However, they have to come out on their own terms. For those of you that think that outing teenagers is fun need to have a wake-up call. It might seem like fun and games, but in reality, you are putting people lives and well being in danger.

One thought on “Why Outing GLBT Teenagers Isn’t A Good Idea

  1. I strongly agree with this article, and as a pansexual teen who has had to come out myself, I think it’s really important that we make EVERYONE (including other gay teens) aware of why this is such a sensitive issue.

    Coming out for me was never a problem. I live in montreal, a city that is VERY accepting of homosexuality. We have an entire village devoted to it. However, some teens, especially male teens, have a lot more trouble coming out than others. Why?
    A large part is because of their parents, some it’s because they think their friends will not feel as comfortable around them and treat them differently or they think they’ll be harrassed.
    Even in a place where being gay is extremely accepted!

    I’m trying to start a Gay-Straight Alliance group at my school, in order to end discrimination and bring awareness to EVERYONE!

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