Packing/Moving Update #1

I have a tendency to become very tense when I have to pack anything by a set date. It could be my clothes for an overnight trip I’m taking or it could be my personal belongings.

To help overcome this problem, I decided to begin packing about a week in advance.

The first items I packed were my plays and books about theater, which do occupy their own box simply because I really do own that many plays and books. Although, the two largest books are my leather bound copy of the complete works of William Shakespeare (with notes from Yale scholars!) and my first edition copy of Curtains by Kenneth Tynan. The other box of books couldn’t be taped shut until I picked up my copy of Frank Bruni’s memoir Born Round at the Waterloo Barnes and Noble. Although, I then started reading it in Barnes and Noble, and then I read it while waiting at Applebees to keep my mind off of the large crowds and, therefore, avert a possible panic attack. I finished it the next day at 1 p.m. and, yes, I did sleep at some point.

I then moved on to packing my CDs and DVDs, although I’m now regretting that since I feel like watching “All About Eve” and “Moulin Rouge.” I’ll just have to find the time to watch them after I move and unpack everything. Maybe as a nice hey-Monica-you-moved-and-you-didn’t-become-a-nervous-wreck-in-the-process celebration. Although, you really don’t need a reason to watch “All About Eve,” in my opinion.

Then came the photograph of leaves that a my Very Talented Friend of mine took and I purchased at an art show and the photograph of my dad and I that sat prominently on my dresser. With those also went some storage things I had purchased at Target and some knickknacks that also sat on my dresser with the photograph of my dad and I. Oh, and my Sideshow Bob action figure. Packed those and they’re ready to go.

Presently, I’m spending more time in the sunroom of my house than in my bedroom, which is where I used to spend most of my time. The sole reason is that my bedroom feels less roomy with the absence of my copy of the complete works of Shakespeare, a couple of photographs and some drawing mannequins. But I doubt that most people would consider the sunroom to be homey. This is what it currently looks like:

Photo 8

But the chairs in the sunroom in my house happen to be very comfy and it’s not far from the kitchen. Oh, and there’s the aspect of it being a sunroom and I need plenty of sunlight or I become very depressed.

So here’s the update: I have four days left in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area, I still need to purchase a special box for posters, and I have almost all of my possessions packed.

I just wish I hadn’t packed my books or my DVDs already. But I have Waltz With Bashir coming from Netflix tomorrow and I do have plenty to do already. And, who knows, maybe I’ll have some more time to work on my novel.

Oh, and if anyone is curious why I haven’t talked about my novel in an in depth manner, it’s because no one has asked and I don’t know if anyone would be interested in any posts discussing the characters and the characterization.

2 thoughts on “Packing/Moving Update #1

  1. That’s a very nice and sunny-looking sun room. It’s funny you mention posters. The first thing I did on my first day at college was go to a bookstore and a poster of The Maltese Falcon for my dorm room. (I was a big Bogart fan.) I had it for years but sadly, it’s gone, along with my Bruce Springsteen poster. Ahh, the memories! I envy you. You’re going to have such a great time!

  2. The sun room does tend to be very sunny, but it generally has a great view of outside. It’s visible on the right side of the screen, you can see a computer monitor, which is the old computer that I used only for writing because it didn’t have the internet hooked up to it. There also used to be a really big tree in my backyard, but there was a storm about a month ago in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area of Iowa and a huge limb of of that tree barely missed my sunroom. The tree is no more, so it’s sunnier here.

    I went through the posters at the college bookstore when I was there and there were sadly no posters I would buy. Although, if they had a poster for The Maltese Falcon, I would buy it. (In my advanced sophomore English class, we had to make ads related to books we read or do a trailer for the film. I read “The Maltese Falcon” and for my trailer, I simply said that Bogart’s ghost would play Sam Spade.) But I certainly hope I have a good time at college.

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