Why Do People Not Like Community Theater?

From reading various posts on the theaterosphere, I have gathered that many bloggers tend to have an animosity towards community theatre, which seems inexplicable to me.

I’ve certainly seen some terrible productions at community theaters, but I’ve also seen some very good productions at several community theaters. Maybe I’ve gone to the right productions, or maybe I’m a bit more open minded since most of the theater in Iowa is community theater. I assume that there’s a stereotype that community theater productions have terrible actors who forget their lines and can’t act and only do “Tuesdays With Morrie” or “The Odd Couple” or “Leaving Iowa.” Okay, but those three shows have all been done recently at the Old Creamery Theatre, which is an equity company.

Perhaps some people have a backstory with why they don’t like community theater, like I do with why I’m not too fond of school theater. (I thought Cedar Falls High School’s production of “Guys and Dolls” was very good, though.)

Regardless, I’m curious as to why people turn their nose up at community theater. How many actors get their start in community theater? I know for a fact that there’s a member of the cast of the current Broadway revival of “Hair” that did shows at Theatre Cedar Rapids.

So why do so many people in the world of theater blogs dislike community theater? Does anyone have an answer for me?


One thought on “Why Do People Not Like Community Theater?

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