Residual Thoughts on the 2008-2009 Season in Iowa

-Is it even possible for Geoff Ehrendreich, Brad Brist, Katrina Sandvik and Danielle Warnke to design set, lighting and costumes for a play and not make it work?

-Cedar Falls Community Theatre lowered their student ticket prices to $10. At both performances of “Kiss Me, Kate” I attended, I noticed a significantly larger number of students at the performance than at other productions I have seen there. Connection?

-Why did Theatre Cedar Rapids have to announce such a great season?

-If an actor is sick and has a hard time hitting notes, but is giving a very energetic performance onstage, I can be forgiving. If an actor is sick and is giving an unbelievably lethargic performance, I can not be forgiving. Actors should give their performances their all even if they’re sick.

-Is there a role that Rob Merritt cannot play? I have seen that man play Robert in “Company,” a phantom in “Rocky Horror Show,” John in “Oleanna,” Brad in “Rocky Horror Show,” and Humpty Dumpty, a prince, and a dwarf in “The Princess Who Wouldn’t Wear Pink.” And he’s done a very good job playing all of those roles.

-I actually did enjoy “Rumpelstiltskin” at the Black Hawk Children’s Theatre mainly because I thought Tyler Hayes Stilwill’s concept of Rumpelstiltskin, the queen and king fighting over the baby on a trashy talk show. I had some problems with some performances. But I loved the set!


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