What Some Parents Will Do For Their Child’s Education

Believe it or not, this post is not related to the Chicago Public Schools launching an investigation into the possible ways some children got in to the very selective magnet schools.

This is related to a story that involves a school that is in the area I live in.

The University of Northern Iowa was, at one point, the Iowa State Teacher’s College. The university maintains a well known and well regarded College of Education to this day. The university also happens to operate the only laboratory school in the state. This school, Malcom Price Laboratory School/Northern University High, is run in conjunction with the College of Education and, as a result, several students in the College of Education do some form of training at Price Lab.

The school is also noted for having a different curriculum than the Cedar Falls Community School District, smaller classes than the Cedar Falls Community School District, a better basketball team than Cedar Falls High School and an incredible ability to make decisions that are somewhat logical. Price Lab is one of three private schools in the city of Cedar Falls, the other two are St. Patrick’s Catholic School, which is K-8, and Valley Lutheran, which is 6-12. In the overall Waterloo-Cedar Falls area, there are eight private schools, the other five are Immanuel Lutheran, Columbus Catholic High School, Sacred Heart School, St. Edward’s School and Blessed Sacrament School. What tends to set Price Lab apart from the other private schools is that it is not affiliated with a Christian denomination and the teachers there tend to have completed more of a college education than the average John Teacher at a Cedar Falls Community School. In fact, of the 33 teachers, 23 have their masters degrees and three hold doctorates. The rest hold bachelors degrees. My mother also knows for a fact that two of the science teachers at that school hold doctorates. Also, according to Price Lab’s website, 25.8% of their students come from cultural and ethnic minority backgrounds. As stated in the Progress Report from the Cedar Falls Community School District, “Other than white, the only reportable ethnic subgroup for grades 7th, 8th, and 11th grades was African American students.” This is in reference to proficiency, but that sentence kills me every time. (If you read the progress report, you’ll see that there are less than 50 students from ethnic minority groups in each of the grades that were tested.)

But, anyway, Price Lab is a school that parents probably want to send their kids to.

Last week, the Des Moines Register reported that about a dozen parents falsified their addresses in order to receive a lower tuition rate for their children. Price Lab’s tuition system works in such a manner that if you live inside the attendance zone, you pay $566 for tuition. If you live outside the attendance zone, you pay $5768 in tuition.

Among the individuals listed in this audit is Representative Kerry Burt of Waterloo, who was also arrested for drunken driving in February.

Rep. Kerry Burt has been connected to this investigation and has been asked to resign by Republicans. Although I don’t blame him for lying about his address because NU seems to be a very good school. Even though several people do this in Cedar Falls to get their kids into certain schools, that doesn’t mean it’s okay. This is a very corrupt thing that Rep. Burt committed and I think he will probably be removed from office.

Audit: Officials, other parents shortened school on tuition” [Des Moines Register]
BHC GOP asks local Dems to demand Burt’s resignation” [Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier]

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