Does This Mean I Might Not Be Able To See “Blackbird”?

Victory Gardens’ production of “Blackbird” is apparently a hit. Tickets are selling quickly! Chris Jones has stopped talking about Broadway for 24-hours to discuss this! According to Jones, the ticket demand was so large, the phone system for the Biograph’s box office blew out.

The Victory Gardens’ management also decided to raise the ticket price by $10 for the extension. Which is a decision I find to be very odd.

However, if people really want to see this play, which it seems like they do, they’re probably going to pay $68 for the extension.

I’m just sad because I’ll be in Chicago during the final days of the play and I’m not sure if I will be able to see it. And I already thought “Blackbird” is a very well written play.


One thought on “Does This Mean I Might Not Be Able To See “Blackbird”?

  1. I really loved working at Victory Gardens as a PA for a show back in ’98. Great people there. A kick ass SM named Shane. Wonder what he’s up to these days?

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