A Potential Problem With Familiar Faces

When one becomes a frequent attendee of theatrical performances, they tend to see quite a few of the same actors in various production. This might cause the patron to become familiar with how good of a performance an actor can give and how they tend to play roles.

Because of this, does anyone think that it is possible to be able to see a production and be disappointed because the audience member knows that the actors on stage can give a better performance than they are giving in that production?

Addendum: If a patron is watching a segment from “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” entitled “Sen. John Ensign Puppet Theatre” and realizes that puppet theater consisting of the heads of politicians and current figures in the Sen. Ensign scandal on popsicle sticks is better than a theatrical performance they’ve seen, does that make the theatrical event really bad?


One thought on “A Potential Problem With Familiar Faces

  1. Interesting you should bring this up. I see a lot of plays from my local, and highly regarded repertory theatre company. The actors are all perfectly fine, sometimes brilliant. But in several years of regular theatergoing, I’ve now seen the same actors numerous times and it’s all starting to seem a little too familiar. I’m just tired of seeing the same actors over and over and over again, even if the roles vary widely. They are supplemented by a university MFA program but still. It’s not the theatre’s fault – it’s a resident acting company. But it’s hard to work up a lot of enthusiasm even if I am interested in the play.

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