A Review of Amigos Restaurant

Amigos is the latest Mexican restaurant to come to Cedar Falls and it appears to be similar to a restaurant of the same name in Waterloo due to the logo of an ebullient cactus in a sombrero.

The restaurant is presently housed in the former home of Gourmet Garden and the owners have gone and painted images of windows and houses. While there is traditional Mexican garb adorning the red walls, it is the food that really counts.

The tortilla chips seem to be flavored with lime and are ideal for dipping in salsa. I noticed while looking at the menu that apparently no one proofread the menus due to the fact that “enchiladas” had two different spellings. I myself had enchiladas as did two of my companions. We both found that the chile sauce, which was slathered on the enchiladas, tasted rather sweet, to the point of being almost indistinguishable from barbeque sauce. In addition to that, the beef enchiladas had ground beef in them instead of shredded beef, which you would find at Mexican restaurants in the southwest and in enchiladas you would order in Mexico. But that did not ruin the flavor since the only flavor to be found in their enchiladas was in the sauce. On top of that, their decidedly sweet chile sauce was lathered on so much that it was difficult for me to eat it due to the spiciness; this coming from someone who enjoys eating jalepenos a la carte.

Another one of my companions had a chicken chimichanga, which she said is the best she’s ever had in a long time. Since she’s lived in the southwest, I will have to take her word and tell you that if you eat at Amigos, the only safe bet is with their chimichanga. Their flan tasted pretty good, but it had to be the prettiest flan I’ve ever seen with whipped cream on the corners of the plates, chocolate sauce drizzled on the cream and a maraschino cherry in the center. One of my companions ordered their fried ice cream and found it to be over-the-top, like the flan. My companion had remarked “I ordered fried ice cream, not an ice cream sundae.”

In spite of the decorations, the Univision playing on on the TV above the bar and mariachi music blaring, the restaurant seems to be simply overpriced faux-Mexican food. No matter how authentic you try to make the atmosphere, it can’t make the food as authentic as it is at least in the American southwest.


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