Some Further Thoughts on the Tea Parties

At least in Iowa, there are supposed to be some tea parties tomorrow. Due to the unfortunate problem of having to listen to Glenn Beck because my sister adores him, I know that there were some tea parties in New York City the other day.

(By the way, I’ll have more on Glenn Beck later.)

While there is a part of me that is a bit bothered by the focus on the tea parties and the fact that someone was stupid enough to dub it “teabagging,” therefore setting themselves up for ridicule, I do have to give the supporters some credit because they decided to have another round of protests. If you’re going to protest something, or raise awareness of a cause, you need to do it regularly, not just once a year. If people do that, there’s a greater chance that politicians and people in charge won’t think they’re a bunch of morons with bags of tea.

What does bother me about the focus is that there is the focus on the out of control spending by the government. Sure, our government has been spending a lot of money. But government spending being out of control is old rhetoric. I would also like to point out that an Economic Stimulus Bill of 2008 was passed while President Bush was still in office. It’s not as large as the last one, but there was a stimulus bill passed then and on the upside, at least this giant stimulus bill might go to good things, like maybe getting rid of the slow zones on the L lines.

Have a happy Fourth of July weekend.


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