“Avenue Q” to Close in September


On Monday, it was announced that the little musical that could, “Avenue Q,” would end its Broadway run on Sept. 13.

While this saddened me, I did remember that “everything in life is only for now.” I did see “Avenue Q” on Broadway two years ago when I was in New York. I had listened to the cast recording countless times–although not as much as I’ve listened to the cast recordings for “Company” and “The Producers.” I absolutely enjoyed myself at the show and thought it was very good for many reasons. First of all, the cast I saw was terrific and I actually got to see the understudy for Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut at that performance and thought she was terrific. Second of all, I liked how the show was written and staged. I thought the pop-up book-like set was very inventive and the use of the television screens on either side of the stage were used very well. And, yes, it is really like “Sesame Street” for adults and those who watched that show might find themselves laughing at it more than I did because I didn’t watch “Sesame Street” when I was younger.

But what really struck me about the book and the score was how there was really something for everyone. For the audience members in their late teens, 20s, 30s, the character’s experiences were things that they themselves were going through. And for the older people in the audience, they could laugh and look back and think “I was once there!” Although, my mother, who was at the show with me, related quite a bit to the line in “I Wish I Could Go Back to College” that laments how if one, at the age of 23, went back to college, you would think “Oh my god/These kids are so much younger than me.” My mother was in her mid-40s when she went back to college.

I didn’t see the tour when it was in Des Moines and I found out about the run in Chicago after it had ended when staring at a billboard awaiting the train at the Clinton Blue Line Station. Although my friends that have seen the tour enjoyed it greatly even sitting in “the nosebleed seats.” If you’re able to see it before it closes on Broadway, I recommend doing so. If not, try to catch the tour.


6 thoughts on ““Avenue Q” to Close in September

  1. I will probably catch this on tour in the fall. I know some of my fellow bloggers enjoyed it. It just seems like there’s been so much to see on Broadway the past couple of years. If I lived in New York, I’d sit in the nosebleed seats and see everything!

  2. Or you could go to the TKTS booth.

    There is the problem with there being so many plays to see just on Broadway that you miss so many because you try to get to other shows. I made the error of seeing “Wicked” for the second time when I was in New York and saw “Avenue Q.” I say error because I missed the revival of “Company” with Raul Esparza in the role of Robert.

  3. You know, I always buy my tkts ahead of time because I come from out of town and I know what I want to see. But last time I did go to the TKTS booth. I wanted to see Reasons to be Pretty and luckily, there’s a separate, shorter play line. I got in line around 10:15 and the booth opened at 11. By 11:15 I had my ticket. If I had to go through the musicals and plays line, I’d probably still be waiting! So I don’t know if I’d try it for a musical.

  4. […] other news, “Avenue Q” closed today, but today, producer Kevin McCollum announced that the show will re-open on October 9 off-Broadway […]

  5. Okay..NEW YORKERS Stop crying..its off broadway and being transfered to OFF broadway….at one of the smaller NEW WORLDS stages..so you can still see it and nose bleeds ar just about 40 rows back here!! Check it out for yourself its officially called Avenue Q the Musical…enjoy and go get tixs

  6. Erm, this post was written a couple months ago, as were the comments.

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