“It Was Too Long”

Last night, I saw “Kiss Me, Kate” for a second time at the Oster Regent Theatre, this time with my mother and one of her friends. It was still very good, but someone who was at last night’s performance approached me and told me they had decided to see the show after reading about it on my blog.

She informed me that she didn’t think that the show was very good and doesn’t intend to take any of my suggestions from my blog again. I asked her what she didn’t like about the show.

“Well, I thought it was dated,” she said.

“The musical opened in 1948 and it seemed evident that this production was set in that time, so it would seem dated because of that period,” I responded.

“I also didn’t like the music and I thought it was too long,” she added.

Cedar Falls Community Theatre’s production of “Kiss Me, Kate” is two hours and 30 minutes long with a 15 minute intermission. If you think that’s too long, I don’t recommend seeing any musical on Broadway. I don’t recommend seeing most musicals, in fact. Off the top of my head, I can think of two musicals that aren’t more than two hours long: “[title of show]” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Those are just the one’s coming to my mind immediately.

I can think of several plays that are under two hours long, but knowing this individual they probably prefer musicals.

Could someone please explain how people who like musicals wouldn’t like a show that runs too long? Maybe I misinterpreted and she meant “the show dragged.” Also, please point out more musicals that aren’t more than two hours long.

2 thoughts on ““It Was Too Long”

  1. I thought “Kiss me Kate” was very well done, and did not drag at all. The lead performances by Brian McCarty and Kristin Tieg-Torres were at a professional level. Can you imagine the people who complained about the length sitting through INTO THE WOODS or even GHNDI? The lack of attention span of the younger generation is going to be a difficult hurdle for live theater to overcome.

  2. I am trying to figure out what GHNDI is an acronym for, but I would imagine people would have a problem with the length of “Into the Woods,” which was about the same length.

    I too thought it wasn’t dragged out and I do agree with you about the performances of the leads (I did do a review of it in the post “GET THEE TO THE OSTER REGENT”). The energy that the entire cast had during both performances I was at made the show just sail by.

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