Things I Don’t Care About and Do Care About: June 8-14

Things I Don’t Care About:

-Spencer and Heidi Pratt. And, please, Speidi sounds terrible.

-The Jonas Brothers. Normally I wouldn’t write that here, but my sister doesn’t read my blog.

-Julie Taymor’s “Spider-Man” musical and how expensive it will be.

-ACORN. There, I said it.

-“I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” My mother seems to be a fan of the show. All I know is that I’ve gone two weeks without Rachel Maddow’s show.

-Rod Blagojevich in “Rod Blagojevich Superstar.”

Things I Do Care About:

-What’s happening in Iran. I will be perfectly honest, I’m not talking about it here because I’m a bit clueless about it, but I’m finding it fascinating and intriguing. I highly recommend you go Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic

-Paul Krugman’s column on Friday. Thank you, Paul Krugman.

-The reviews for “A Minister’s Wife” giving me a prompt to go to Glencoe.

-The Jeff wins for Theo Ubique Theatre Co.’s production of “Evita” at No Exit Cafe making me wish I could get to Chicago at the moment.

-The fact that the non-equity Jeff Awards seem more prominent in my memory than the Tonys. The non-equity Jeff Awards were a day after the Tonys.

-For those of you that missed it, this is LGBT Pride Month in America (as per Presidential decree). This weekend: Boston Pride. Bostonist has pictures here and here.

-You can build your own Chicago! So, in essence, I can have a model of the Red Line sitting in my room while I’m waiting to catch the train on the Red Line. (It’s actually been around for a bit, but Gapers Block was bringing it up again. I think it’s cute.) You can also build your own New York City. I also wish the Lyric Opera building was one of the models.

-Speaking of the Red Line

-“La Cage Aux Folles” revival in London transferring to Broadway. My father can’t stop talking about it.

-Theatre Cedar Rapids’ 2009-2010 season.


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