This Is Getting Ridiculous

Anyone remember that “Accent on Youth” got pretty poor reviews? (Well, it did better critically than “The Philanthropist” or “Guys and Dolls.”) Anybody remember how “Ruined” received almost unanimous praise and won several awards, including the Pulitzer?

Did you know that both shows are being done by the Manhattan Theatre Club?

Did you know that “Ruined” has been extended again? I think that this is the seventh time “Ruined” has had it’s run extended. (It is)

This question has been posed by several other bloggers recently, but why hasn’t the Manhattan Theatre Club considered moving it to Broadway? And I don’t mean that they move it specifically to the Biltmore Samuel Friedman. Any Broadway theater is what I’m talking about. Would the show be lost in a big Broadway house? Do they think it’s too risky? I would have to assume that because it’s been extended seven times it isn’t a risk.

Update: The question should be not so much “Why hasn’t MTC considered moving it to Broadway?” because, for all we know they have. The question should be “Why hasn’t MTC moved it to Broadway?”


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