Very Good Film You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: “The Painted Veil”

Netflix has this lovely thing where it will show up on your home page with “Films You Might Enjoy.” Based on my previous tastes, it recommended that I watch the film “The Painted Veil.” I read through the summary and thought the plot sounded interesting, so I added it to my list.

The film could be considered a “romance,” I suppose, but the couple in the film, Walter and Kitty Fane (Edward Norton and Naomi Watts), spend most of the film mad at each other and Kitty isn’t in love with Walter for the first half.

The film proved to be moving in my opinion due to the exquisite cinematography of rural China. The score is absolutely beautiful and the acting rather incredible. This film actually made me cry because of how it ends. Hint: most of the film centers on a cholera outbreak.

I honestly wish I had heard of the film earlier, but probably due to it being from Warner Independent Pictures, it did not run in my area.

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