Some Thoughts on Celebrity Casting

In one of Michael Riedel’s columns today, he discusses Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in an upcoming play about two cops entitled “A Steady Rain.”

And, while celebrities in plays could appear as though they sell tickets better, I would like to step in and say something:

Are people seeing “God of Carnage” simply because James Gandolfini, among others, is in it?

There were celebrities in “Impressionism” and “Desire Under the Elms” and yet those shows closed early.

Is having celebrities of the film and tube in plays really helping sell tickets?

After all, Wicked doesn’t seem to need glossy celebrities in the leads to sell tickets.

If it really doesn’t help get butts in the seats, could Broadway producers, directors, EPAs, etc., please hold off on the celebrity casting until David Tennant is in a show?

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