Titles of Some Papers and Essays I’ve Written

“Sympathy for the Devil”-An essay on the influence of critics.

“Being Alone”-An essay on why some children need to be left alone growing up.

“Jean-Jacques Rousseau Does Not Like What is Occurring in Your Country”-A paper analyzing Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s writings.

“Less Glitter, But Be Gay”-An essay on how the new generation of gays aren’t really fighting for their rights

“Children Must Listen”-An essay saying laws on homeschooling need to be tightened (not my viewpoint, but that was the assignment)

“Take My Heart, or Some Other Organ”-An essay on the failures of organ donation systems

“Is Gay Marriage Gay?”-A paper on gay marriage

“The Scourge of Athens Theater”-A paper analyzing the portrayal of the playwright Euripedes in the comedies of Aristophanes


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