As I’ve discussed previously, I’m rehearsing a scene from Martin McDonagh’s “The Pillowman” for acting class. (The assignment was to do a scene from a play. Any play. Most people are doing farces.)

Today, the auditorium was set up for an honors convocation. The curtain was shut and some metal folding chairs were in front of the curtain. The teacher wanted Lucas, the other student, and I to work a scene in which I am telling him that he’s like Mum and Dad (who tortured him) after he tells me I’m like them.

At one point he says, “Don’t say that or I’ll kill you.” I jump up on a chair and tell him, “You’re not going to kill me. I ain’t seven.” I do this to try to continue taunting him, but physically.

She had us work it multiple times, adding more movement (which helps). She told Lucas to move towards me on his line about killing me, I told him to try and hit me. We worked that part after getting those suggestions. He said his line, lunged at me and I jumped up on the chair.

For this scene, I’m limping around to try to convey that I’m hurt from being tortured. So I limped backwards, jumped on the metal folding chair, which is not as level as the chair we normally use. I landed on the chair with my right leg on it, my left leg dangling over the edge. I failed to regain my balance and fell off of the chair, on to the stage.

That’s how I think I hurt my leg. I can honestly say that I’ve never done a role so physically demanding of me.


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