And Now, Let’s Talk About the Tony Awards


As you may know, the Tony Award nominees were announced on Tuesday morning. There is some uproar over the nominations, which is inevitable.

The loudest complaints are coming over “9 to 5” not being nominated for Best Musical, but “Rock of Ages” and “Shrek” being nominated instead; “The Seagull” being snubbed completely, no recognition for Carla Gugino in “Desire Under the Elms,” and “[title of show]” getting one nod.

First of all, I love “[title of show]”. I think it’s an incredibly witty show with some great numbers and a simplistic yet catchy score. But, I didn’t think it was going to get a nomination for Best Musical because it closed in October. Although, my father, who is very honest and direct with his opinions of musicals (“Every time I hear ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ I want to go out and use one.”), and I both wish it was nominated for Best Original Score over “Shrek the Musical.”

Second of all, I really don’t understand nominating all three Billys when there are four actors portraying him.

Yes, I am surprised by Carla Gugino not being nominated since the critics that hated it liked her performance. But there was some heavy competition.

Also, Time Out New York has some thought’s on “All My Sons” snub. Personally, I wish I had known about the conceptual directing beforehand.

(By the way, Chris Caggiano touches on this much better on his blog, “Everything I Know I Learned From Musicals“)


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