Things I Don’t Care About and Do Care About: April 20-27

Things I Don’t Care About

-Zac Efron.

-Miley Cyrus.

-Let’s just say Disney Channel related celebrities.

-Miss California. This is being blown out of proportion. Leonard Jacobs, however, poignantly addressed the matter.

-What Glenn Beck did this week.

-Your hair for prom. Unless it’s unique, like this costume designer I know that had a rat tail with a big girly bow on it for prom her senior year.

-Your prom dress.

Thomas L. Friedman’s moustache

Things I Do Care About

-“Ruined” winning the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

-Some guy being stupid enough to fly a plane low near Manhattan. I don’t care if this was okayed by the Department of Defense, that’s just stupid. He’s apparently been reprimanded by Rahm Emanuel. I want to know how he could have done that and not gotten reprimanded by Rahm Emanuel.

Paul Krugman being right.

-Swine flu.

-The CDC tweeting about Swine Flu.

-Robert Gibbs’ forehead making me laugh throughout the press conference on Swine Flu.

Swine flu All of the critics (notably Elisabeth Vincentelli and Charles Isherwood, who have the most scathing reviews) probably killing The Philanthropist, which didn’t seem that interesting in the first place, but now I’m really not going to see it.

Impressionism closing. How did it manage to stay open this long?

-What Shepherd Smith said. So, we don’t torture in America?

-Jonathan Mann’s sung version of the waterboarding portion of the torture memos being more enjoyable than it really should be.

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