CFCT and BHCT’s 2009-2010 Seasons

The Black Hawk Children’s Theatre and the Cedar Falls Community Theatre have announced their seasons. I’m going to add in the descriptions the theaters are providing, simply because they amuse me. I haven’t added or changed anything, except footnote markings.

Black Hawk Children’s Theatre

Charlotte’s Web–October 2-4

Based on the best selling children’s book by E.B. White, it follows the life of that lovable little pig, Wilbur, who’s faced with becoming tomorrow morning’s bacon. Who can he turn to? The most unlikely of heroes, a tiny spider.

Ramona Quimby–November 6-8

Based on what some refer to as “the gospel according to Judy Blume” you can’t miss this hilarious and classic tale* about that feisty little girl who makes everyone’s life exciting and more interesting

The Hobbit–March 3-5, 2010

This one has it all. Adventure, Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Trolls, the wizard Gandalf, the creature Gollum and even the incredible Dragon Smaug. You won’t want to miss this visual tour de force.

Sleeping Beauty–April 21-23

A heart felt adaptation of the Brothers Grimm’s classic fairy tale. This wonderful adventure will bring out the humor and the warmth in the story of a sad princess who is cursed to sleep for a hundred years, unless true love’s kiss can wake her from her spell

Cedar Falls Community Theatre

Kiss Me, Kate–June 12-14 and 19-21

An instant hit with every cast and audience, Kiss Me Kate is full of melodious and sophisticated fun. Cole Porter’s wit meets William Shakespeare’s humor in this great Broadway classic that won five Tony Awards with book by Sam and Bella Spewack, creators of My Three Angels.

In this play-within-a-play ex-husband and wife Fred and Lilli are cast opposite each other in a musical version of The Taming of the Shrew, and the sparks begin to fly on stage and off. Great song and dance numbers include “Another Op’nin, Another Show,” “Wunderbar,” “Too Darn Hot,” and “Brush Up Your Shakespeare.”^

Death by Chocolate^–October 2-4 and 9-11

Paul Freed’s delightfully satirical script, Death by Chocolate, is full of Neil Simon-style repartee. This show has members of newly renovated Meadowbrook Health Resort dropping like flies – not the best advertisement for the eve of reopening of a spa whose motto is “Get fit or die trying!” It’s up to Manager John Stone to find the cause and the murderer. Stone finds himself teaming up with amateur sleuth/mystery writer Ed Parlor in a wacky race against time. The clues point to a sinister box of chocolates and the suspects include eccentric characters working for the resort, among them a flamboyant aerobics teacher and a panicy nurse.^

Nuncrackers–December 4-6 and 11-13

-I’m sorry, I’ll let you make your own assumptions.

They’re also doing Moon Over Buffalo. It will be running February 19-21 and 26-28, 2010

Okay, so a thought on BHCT’s season: “Charlotte’s Web” was the season opener when Tyler Hayes Stillwill stepped into the position as director and “Sleeping Beauty” was the season closer for that same season. This season he will not be the director.


*I can miss it.

^1 What about “I Hate Men”?

^2 That sounds more like crappy-comedy-farce than Neil Simon. Who wrote these? The people at the Old Creamery?


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