And Now For Your Opinion

My father and I are going to New York City this summer, mainly to see plays.

While I’ve been looking at what show’s have high ratings on Critic-o-Meter, I need some help narrowing it down.

Any suggestions on what to go see? Particularly off-Broadway in late June-early July.

3 thoughts on “And Now For Your Opinion

  1. Don’t know if you picked out all your plays yet, but I’m seeing Our Town off-Broadway in July and it’s supposed to be terrific.

  2. There won’t actually be too many plays running on Broadway by late June-early July.

    Mary Stuart is great, just to see Janet McTeer and Harriet Walter as the two queens. Although I thought the first part dragged a bit.

    God of Carnage is also wonderful but you might have trouble getting tickets.

    I was a little disappointed in Waiting for Godot but maybe I just don’t “get it.”

    I don’t know how you feel about The 39 Steps, but I saw it in Boston before it came to New York and I really liked it. It was hilarious and I couldn’t believe they could do so much with four actors and a few props. But you have to see the Hitchcock movie first.

  3. I haven’t picked my shows yet because my trip keeps being delayed. The only two shows I’m definitely seeing are “Next to Normal,” which my dad is insisting that him and I see it because he’s listened to the music of the show and loves it. The other show is “Our Town” which is supposed to be good and I missed it in it’s Chicago run.

    The first three shows you mention in the second part of your comment I had thought about. I’ve loved the script for “Waiting for Godot” since I was a freshman in High School when I was really into theatre of the absurd. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll catch it. A friend of mine saw “God of Carnage” and said it was very good, but there is the getting tickets part. And I’ve considered “Mary Stuart”, but I’m still thinking this out in my mind.

    And I hadn’t thought about “The 39 Steps”. I’m very familiar with the film and the idea sounds hilarious, so that might work. Thank you for the suggestions!

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