Things I Don’t Care About and Do Care About: Week of April 13-19

Things I Don’t Care About:

-How great Parks and Recreation is doing.

Hannah Montana: The Movie

-What happened on American Idol?

17 Again

-Who got kicked off of Dancing with the Stars?

-What Glenn Beck’s doing this week.

-Bo Obama

-The Karl Rove/Joe Biden bitchfight.

Things I Do Care About:

-The tea protests.

-Paul Krugman appearing to be right.

-Anderson Cooper probably making the best double entendre of the entire tea party ordeal.

-Charles Isherwood writing NOTHING for the New York Times. What has America done to deserve this?

-Believe it or not, Susan Boyle. Mainly because I’m not seeing what’s so big about it and I’ve watched the video. I thought that shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent (which is what Britain’s Got Talent is a spin-off of) were about these nobodies that aren’t fabulous being stunning. What am I missing? On the upside, kudos to Boyle for making Simon Cowell smile.

-Jonathan Mann’s “Hey, Paul Krugman.” I leave you with him performing it on The Rachel Maddow Show. Which I still can’t embed.


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