It’s About Time People Got Angry and Did Something About It

As I mentioned a few days ago, I wrote an opinion piece saying that Day of Silence, which was observed today, was ineffective in raising awareness of the bullying GLBT students endure and that several students were upset because–well, they didn’t read the article.

The title, which I had the pleasure of choosing, is “Day of Silence not helping gay rights.”

Today I was sitting at lunch when a girl approached me and said, “We are having Day of Silence today because of your article which was wrong and tried to remove it because it’s ineffective, you homophobe.”

I looked up from my Blackberry–I was reading an opinion piece from the Washington Post–and calmly said to her, “I didn’t try to remove it, nor did I say that it needs to stop happening. I said that it is ineffective and said that students, teachers, and administrators need to do something about the harassment to end it.”

I paused a bit and then said, “Did you even read my opinion piece?”

She failed to answer my question and kept berating me before leaving.

Although I’m thrilled to have my ego inflated by the fact that I seem to have the ability to get people upset enough over my opinion pieces that they do something to spite me, I do have a problem. One, my ego needed to be inflated yesterday. Two, people don’t seem to be reading the piece.

Maybe it’s because of the title. But I spoke to someone that saw the title and thought “Monica wrote this?” and then proceeded to read it with the conclusion of “Okay, this makes sense.”

Perhaps it was because of the length of the piece. I tend to write lengthy articles and some people have complained because they feel intimidated by the length of my articles.

This article is 545 words long. Which is very short for me.

I wrote an opinion piece on Proposition 8 that was 873 words long. My article on the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision on the gay marriage ban was 1,136 words long. I wrote an article on plays in Eastern Iowa in March that was 869 words long.

The editor-in-chief of the publication I write for wrote a 2,000+ word article on the school budget being cut that I haven’t gotten through completely and neither has anyone I’ve spoken to.

An article on food inspections on the front page of today’s New York Times was 1,171 words long. Charles Isherwood’s piece on the starstudded Broadway shows was 1,671 words long. Charles Krauthammer’s column in today’s Washington Post (which is what I was reading when the student walked up to me) is 745 words long.

So I’m canceling out the length issue.

I’m also a bit annoyed by the fact that the student accused me of being homophobic. Clearly, she didn’t read my opinion piece that blasted Prop. 8 for denying equality and she doesn’t read this blog. She also doesn’t know me personally.

Oh well. At least people are noticing what I write and my headlines seem to make a splash.


2 thoughts on “It’s About Time People Got Angry and Did Something About It

  1. Silence is what led Carl Walker-Hoover to hang himself at age 11. We need ACTION, and we need to make sure there are ample safe places for our younger queers.

  2. That is the point I made in my opinion piece, which people sadly failed to notice.

    I believe that AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, ACT-UP, said it perfectly, if they coined this term, “Silence equals death.”

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