Please Read the Article, Not the Title

This week, I have an opinion piece on Day of Silence being run. My point is that it’s ineffective towards eliminating bullying towards GLBT students and that students need to, literally, raise their voices to end this.

Some people have praised me because of my point.

Other people, all of whom are for gay rights, have criticized me for criticizing the event. They’re also shocked that as someone that supports gay rights that I would be so opposed to it.

However, the conversation I have with them tends to run like this:

Person: How dare you say that Day of Silence isn’t working?

Me: Do you have evidence that it is working?

Person: Well, no, but without Day of Silence, how are we going to stop the bullying of gay students?

Me: Did you actually read my article? Because I stated how you can fix it and called on administrators and teachers to do something.

Person: But we still need to keep doing it. It’s a strong protest and people see our point.

Me: (walking away) I know gay people that think that Day of Silence is stupid. Read my article next time before you criticize me.

I have yet to ask anyone if they know who Larry Kramer or Harvey Milk, both of which I mention in my article, are.


One thought on “Please Read the Article, Not the Title

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