Unless You’re Using Celestial Seasonings or Lipton…

Have you heard of the insane teabagging protests?

(I couldn’t type that without laughing.)

The thought of sending tea bags to representatives and senators seemed absurd to me, but that probably has something to do with the cup of Twining’s Earl Gray (loose leaf) that’s sitting next to me as I type this.

I’m a tea snob. I would never dream of sending a bag of PG Tips to Representative Bruce Braley as a protest. That tea is expensive, which is probably the result of it being from Great Britain.

Anyway, these protests are in response to those dwatted liberals wasting money, bailing out companies, and raising taxes for the rich.

It’s supposed to mirror the Boston Tea Party, which protested taxation without representation.

I understand the point of these protests. Taxes are being raised for those that make more than a quarter of a million, which upsets people, to help deal with our mammoth deficit, which is not just something that happened overnight, we’ve been headed towards it since the nineties, maybe even earlier.

And the people have a right to voice their opinion and protest.

But what is sending tea bags to Chris Dodd and Nancy Pelosi going to accomplish?

And, please, stop saying, “Tea Bag Congress” or “Tea Bag Obama.” All I can think of is that someone not familiar with sexual slang came up with the term for this protest.

Fox News is behind this and if they’re behind this to try to point out that the people have a right to protest, as guaranteed by the first amendment, I understand. But Fox News happens to have the word News in their name. And as a news channel, I don’t feel as though a news channel has the right to endorse any sort of protest, no matter how crazy their hosts may be.

I do want to know what congressmen and women are getting the most bags of tea. I just think that’d be an interesting statistic.

Anyway, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC has some thoughts on this. And I tried to embed it into the post and it didn’t work, so, click on the link.


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