Larry Kramer on Gay Community, Gay Marriage

On The Daily Beast, three people were asked about some crazy stuff that Rupert Everett said (I’m not sure which section of crazy stuff it was. He’s been almost as crazy as an Iowa congressman.) The three people asked were Peter Staley, Kate Clinton, and Larry Kramer.

Kramer said this:

We continue to be a passive population. It drives me nuts. It has always driven me nuts. I do not think the gay population has been all that rabid for gay marriage. Note that I do not use the words ‘gay community.’ Expunge that expression from your vocabulary. We are not a community. There are too many of us to qualify for that word, which connotes something much smaller and more intimate than the huge multipeopled grab bag of our rainbow coalition.

I do have to agree with Kramer on this point. One, the gays have become an overly passive population. I addressed this in an op-ed piece on Day of Silence, which is supposed to bring an end to the bullying of GLBT students in schools, because it only happens once a year and does nothing. Gays need to make some noise in order to get anything done. Any civil rights movement in history, whether for African-Americans or the Suffrage, required some people to make noise. I think that this is why Proposition 8 was passed because people raised rabble after it was passed. The state of Iowa is grateful for the same-sex marriage ban being struck down unanimously.

What will be key for the survival of this decision is that the gays need to preserve this right. Presently, it seems as though the opponents are making more noise than those in favor.

And for the love of God, don’t start a Facebook group to show your support. I doubt that the lawmakers, Supreme Court, those opposed to the ruling really care about a Facebook group. That’s just childish.

Second of all, “gay community” only fits if you’re referring to Boystown, I think. Population is a much more appropriate term and I also think that “community” insinuates that the gays get along well. Trust me, I’ve clashed heads with lots of gays (especially when I had to inform the leader of a Gay-Straight Alliance who Harvey Milk was) and I can guarantee you that Larry Kramer has as well.

And too many gays seem to be apathetic about gay marriage until it gets in the news. I don’t think we can have gay marriage in every state; we’d probably have a civil war and there are just some people that couldn’t accept this. But, well this is something that I believe Kramer addressed in Faggots (which I still have yet to read), too many people take things for granted and I know some gays that were more interested in cheating on their significant others than in keeping their rights. Too often it seems as though no one does anything until it makes the news.

Anyway, you can read all of it here. Oh, he is also now the second person in the past month to refer to Anthony Scalia as a homophobe:

Awful Middle-Class Queens” [Daily Beast]

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