Hilton Als Didn’t Like the Revival of “Hair”

In The New Yorker, theater critic Hilton Als writes, “Will someone who’s associated with “Hair” (in revival at the Al Hirschfeld, under the direction of Diane Paulus) do the production a favor and turn the shit down?” (his italics, not mine)

It gets worse. There are problems with the wig design and the sound design. Why this didn’t bother Ben Brantley, I don’t know. He also takes issue with the portrayal of black characters in the show.

“I’m sure the original creators of the show felt that they were treating these issues—the way a black man is perceived and the way he perceives himself—with “irony” and a healthy dose of liberal self-consciousness. But Hud is simply a construction, meant to validate the white hipness of the show.”

But he describes his view of the show as dyspeptic.

So, you got that, right? Hilton Als didn’t like the revival of “Hair.”

3 thoughts on “Hilton Als Didn’t Like the Revival of “Hair”

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  2. “Hair” is the only show that I’ve ever seen that felt like an experience. The cast aka The Tribe is excellent, the production is fantastic and the songs sound better then ever. The shows themes (Sex, War, Drugs, Race) are as relevant today as they were forty years ago. The best part is the bond that the Tribe forms with the audience. It resonates with everyone long after they’ve left the theater. I urge all theatergoers to order tickets, participate in the show and dance in the finale. You will never forget the “Hair” experience.

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