Things I Don’t Care About and Do Care About: March 30-April 5

Things I Don’t Care About:

Hannah Montana: The Movie

-What new lame, formulated shtick-fest Disney Channel is coming out with.

-The Kid’s Choice Awards.

-Shawn Johnson. The giant banner of her at my local Hy-Vee is only making me emphasize this more.

-Mall cop movies.

-What you’re wearing to prom.

-The Final Four.

-Other radio stations cutting in while you’re listening to some song you’ve heard a million times. For the record, that’s never happened to me while I’ve been listening to NPR.

-The iPod fiasco.

Things I Do Care About:

-The fact that it is April and it just snowed at least three inches where I live.

-The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously repealing the ban on same-sex marriage.

-Senator Chris Dodd appearing to be screwed for his role in the AIG bonuses.

-Senator Grassley managing to say nothing outrageous this week. Was this just a one-month only deal?

-The New York Times Company threatening to shut down The Boston Globe. Couldn’t they just sell the Red Sox?

-Obama’s budget, which passed the house, and the Republicans’ alternative.

-Todd Dorman of the Gazette‘s column today. It involves the Supreme Court’s decision.

-Adam Belz of the Gazette getting ticketed for jaywalking. Actually, that’s just amusing.

-Today’s Gazette reaffirming to me that the Gazette is superior to the Waterloo Courier.


2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Care About and Do Care About: March 30-April 5

  1. Is Shawn Johnson going to become the new Octomom?

  2. Maybe.

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